What You Get with the Stop Crippling Anxiety Program:


#1 – Weekly one on one Hypnotherapy and Coaching Sessions with Joshua Wagner CHt. for 8 weeks.
  • Every week we will meet on zoom and have a conversation that will get to the root of your anxiety and resolve whatever issues we find.

  • These are hypnotic “conversations” where I am speaking the language of your unconscious mind.

  • Change is rapid and profound- and permanent

  • I am watching for unconscious responses (vs conscious ones).

  • Unconscious responses include:
    • Emotions
    • Images and metaphors
    • Memories or thoughts that seem to appear “out of nowhere.”

  • After the conversation you will feel at ease and at rest and the problems will seem to just resolve themselves.

  • This is a scientifically proven process

#2 – Weekly Hypnosis Audios to listen to
  • I still completely believe in the benefit of traditional hypnotherapy.

  • Each week you will get an audio recording that you need to listen to at least twice.

  • These recordings are created for you to specifically work on different areas that might be causing anxiety like:
    • Healing trauma
    • Cutting ties with past hurt
    • Confidence
    • Finding Answers
    • Envisioning and creating your perfect life
    • And more…

#3 – Other materials
  • A weekly mini-ebook with helpful tips and a journal if you wish to use it.
  • Videos, audios, and other additional resources
  • Weekly check-in opportunities

#4- Direct access to me (Joshua Wagner):
  • If feelings or thoughts come up between sessions and you are feeling overwhelmed you can contact me directly by SMS or Social Media and I usually respond within the hour.

Who Is This For:


Are you tired of being paralyzed by anxiety and not being able to live life?? I’ve been there. I can help you start to live again.

Want freedom from feeling bad all the time?  Together we will allow you to find peace, contentment, joy, and even happiness.

Want to Stop having panic attacks??  Many of my clients never have a panic attack ever again after we have worked together

Want to understand your value again? When you understand your worth you treat yourself as worthwhile.

Want to live the life you want?  Together we create the roadmap to the life you want- relationships, work, money, and even health

I have been through it.

  • I had twice a day panic attacks
  • My anxiety level was always at a 6-7 out of 10 (It never goes above a 2 anymore, if I have it at all)
  • Even though I have always been confident, that confidence was secretly accompanied by anxiety.

This is why I became a hypnotherapist.

How much is your anxiety costing you?

What doors will open up for you when your anxiety is managed and under control.

Lisa’s Story:

Who’s in it:

I have helped over 1000 clients in the last 4 years to recover from crippling anxiety

Most people saw relief within WEEKS. A couple of people took a couple of months. Everyone saw a benefit quickly.

People who are capable and successful but alway had the specter of anxiety weighing on them.

Want to get started finding permanent relief from your anxiety?

Reply back with “READY” and I’ll get you set up. (Click Here to send me a message)

If you’ve got a question or 2?  Shoot me a message or email andI’ll get you sorted.

Can’t wait to hear about the new life you will start to live!

Download "5 Ways to Heal from Career Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"