The "Experience"
Effective Hypnotherapy

The Next "Experience"
Starts July 20th. 12:30 PM EST

Members get an instant $250 discount.  

The “Experience” is an 8 week group hypnotherapy program.  The groups will be LIMITED to 5 people each so each person can get personal attention. You also get text message support and email support.

Each Session will consist of a topical discussion lead by me, a formal hypnosis session, and a group discussion of our shared experience.

It doesn’t matter what problem you are bringing, The “Experience” is designed to suit just about any issue you would like to work on including: 

Sequence of Classes
  • Week 1: Methods for reducing anxiety and self-hypnosis.
  • Week 2: Finding the unconscious root to the issue.
  • Week 3: The 6 Steps to Forgiveness 
  • Week 4: Eliminating guilt and shame
  • Week 5: Decluttering the mind
  • Week 6: Identifying and clearing out old habits
  • Week 7: Designing and creating new habits
  • Week 8: Creating and implementing a vision of the future

Who is Joshua Wagner

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Joshua Wagner is a certified hypnotist through the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy at the University of Toronto.  Joshua has been been a nationally known motivational speaker and has worked with people one-on-one for almost 20 years.  He has advanced degrees in philosophy, classical languages, literature, and spirituality.

Download "5 Ways to Heal from Career Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"