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Guilt isn’t always a bad thing by itself.  I have done stupid things, felt guilty and chose never to do those things again.  Guilt is the belief that you’ve done something wrong (vs. shame that says there is something wrong with YOU).  Guilt is a part of us that, when it is functioning properly, actually helps us to learn to avoid what isn’t right for us or the people in our lives.  It is a great teacher and tool when used properly.  However… 

Guilt, when it is coupled with shame, supercharges shame and will serve as an erroneous confirmation that, in fact, maybe there is something wrong with you.  Often, when we feel shame, we do things to make us avoid the pain that is unhealthy and then we feel guilty about it, which in turn throws fuel on the fire of shame.

One of the things that helps people is to forgive themselves!  If you read the shame section, I talked about forgiving other people.  There are times, though, that you need to forgive yourself!  Hypnosis can actually help you to step outside of yourself, see yourself as a person who deserves love and forgiveness and actually GIVES that love and forgiveness to yourself!  How good would it feel to be absolved of feelings of guilt!  I know that when I have experienced that, I have almost flown through the window!

How does it feel when you say you’re sorry and the person forgives you? Pretty. Darn. Good.  Now imagine forgiving yourself!  I mean REALLY forgiving yourself!  How great that might feel!  And when you feel good and aren’t in that shame loop, you can start to move toward a better state of being, can’t you!?

What hypnosis can do is to strip shame and guilt out of the things that we have done and utilize guilt the way it should be used, not as something that makes us question our worth, but something that lets us learn valuable lessons to avoid a particular behavior in the future and integrate that experience, in a good way, into our lives!


Change a bad habit, deal with sadness, pain, stress, or prepare for that upcoming flight, speech, or surgery so you feel better.


Is there a skill you’d like to make even better?! Hypnosis can do that!


You could change one thing? What would your life be like?


Peak Performance

Using proven techniques enjoyed by superstars around the world in sports, music, acting, and experts in every field, you will find that hypnosis can help you get into an excellent state and focus on the right things to make yourself successful in any environment.


You have YOUR side of the loop and they have THEIR side of the loop. You feed into their loop and they feed into yours. Change your loop and change their loop and change the relationship.


Imagine what would happen if you can “forget” about your physical or emotional discomfort even a few minutes a day. Think about how your life would change.


Pretend for a second you didn’t have that pesky habit… you know the one I am talking about! Suppose you got rid of it and how much better your life would be when it was gone.

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Joshua Wagner has been helping people cope with the stresses and difficulties of life for the last 15 years. He has a vast tool box and resources at his disposal to move you from where you are to where you want to be.

Let him help you, now, with everything you need to be a happy and successful person with fulfilling relationships!

How You Benefit from Hypnosis


How fast can the human brain learn something? FAST!

How many times do you need to touch a stove to learn it is hot?! ONCE! That’s how fast you can learn!

Your unconscious mind is so powerful that it can learn things really fast, including new strategies to help you develop new skills, destroy habits, and even deal with physical and emotional discomfort!

The best tool that humanity has is right between the ears!


Hypnosis seems like a mystery sometimes and yet all it is is paying attention to the right things and ignoring the wrong things.

It is also a way to train the unconscious mind- that mind that helps you to breathe and makes your heart beat and warns you when the water is too hot in the bathtub, to find new solutions to old problems and to forget unhelpful patterns of thinking

Hypnosis has been used for a long time ( to address all sorts of things though history. Maybe it is time to address YOUR history in order that you can quickly have a better future!


There is an investment with hypnosis, for sure. Sometimes I ask myself, “what would it be like if I never had to deal with this again in my life?” and “think about how much better you’d feel!”

What is it worth to you to eat better? To desire to exercise? To have a good relationship with your spouse, your boss, your friends, your kids, or whomever?

I don’t want to say the word priceless and yet, I can’t think of a more perfect word.


Here are some truths about hypnosis and when you read them you can start to relax and feel better about hypnosis:

  • Hypnosis is a process that you participate in fully
  • You are in complete control
  • It is a cognitive process
  • If you can read a book, watch a movie, have a conversation in a crowded room… guess what! You can be hypnotized!!!

  • Download "5 Ways to Heal from Career Betrayal"
    Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"
    Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"