Secrets of Hypnosis Mastery Course (Private Live Instruction)



Every week you will:

  • Meet  with Joshua Wagner
  • Learn the hypnosis protocols to continue the work in between sessions.
  • Handouts and pdf’s to guide your hypnosis (when available)
  • Email and text support directly with Joshua Wagner

Session themes (Session themes may change as course progresses depending on need)

  • Module 1: What Hypnosis Is — Self-Hypnosis Basics — two inductions and revivification (You will be able to do a basic hypnosis session with someone)
  • Module 2: Hypnosis Session Basics (interview, pre-talk, inductions protocols, awakening) (Calibration, Compliance, Intention, Confidence) Association/Dissociation, pacing and leading.
  • Module 3: Listening to Your unconscious mind – Searching your unconscious mind for information and answers
  • Module 4: Generative Hypnosis (Creating New Habits and Responses and Removing Bad Habits and Bad Reactions)
  • Module 5: Dealing with Traumatic Memories and De-traumatizing
  • Module 6: The Elman Induction and conclusion of formal Hypnosis
  • Module 7: Conversational Hypnosis (Ericksonian Method): Inductions, Embedded Commands, NUVI and Hinge Sentences
  • Module 8: Conversational Hypnosis (Ericksonian Method): Power Words and Nested Loops
  • Module 9: Conversational Hypnosis (Ericksonian Method) Creating Change
  • Module 10: Conversational Hypnosis (Jansen Method)