Transform Your Life With The Stop Crippling Anxiety Program


I’m thrilled to have you here 🙂

Here’s what you need to know…I’m launching a new program specifically for individuals who are tired of living under the shadow of anxiety…

And instead, want to reclaim control over their emotional well-being and thrive in every aspect of their lives as masters of their own peace.


Who is this for?


A person who:

… refuses to accept that living in constant fear and worry is their only reality…

… doesn’t want their day-to-day life dictated by anxiety, determining when they can enjoy life, who they can be around, or how they can function…


… doesn’t need to spend nights tossing and turning, consumed by thoughts of what could go wrong because they possess the tools to manage their anxiety in any situation. In fact, they view challenges as opportunities to apply their newfound skills…


…wants to move from feeling helpless and at the mercy of their anxiety to possessing the ability and confidence to significantly reduce their anxiety, ensuring a calmer and more fulfilling life…


…can use proven hypnotherapy techniques to not only manage but substantially reduce their anxiety, achieving lasting peace and comfort…


…can learn from structured sessions and apply simple yet powerful strategies to break free from the cycle of anxiety, leading to a permanent and substantial reduction in their anxiety levels, similar to how my client Sarah transformed their life from being dominated by fear to living freely and confidently.

If you’re new to managing your anxiety?

You’ll begin by mastering foundational techniques to gently ease your anxiety, building up your confidence and self-awareness.

But once you start experiencing small victories?


Your journey towards freedom accelerates.

I have participants who have seen remarkable transformations, going from constant worry to experiencing moments of peace and gradually extending those periods.


Like Alex, who went from being overwhelmed by daily anxiety to achieving a state of calm and control, reducing their anxiety significantly within weeks… all while maintaining their regular responsibilities.


Now, they’re embracing life’s challenges with resilience, no longer held back by fear.

I also have participants who’ve drastically improved their quality of life and relationships, feeling more present and engaged.


Like Sam, who moved from sleepless nights filled with anxiety to peaceful rest and more joyful days… achieving this transformative change by applying simple yet effective strategies learned in the program.


Now, they share their journey, helping to inspire others, while enjoying a life free from the crippling hold of anxiety, embodying the success and peace that come from our proven methods.

Once you conquer your anxiety with the “Stop Crippling Anxiety” program?


You retain the techniques, insights, and confidence for a LIFETIME.


Apply these strategies to face any of life’s challenges. Or help guide others through their struggles. 


The choice is yours.


Imagine being able to wake up in the morning, feeling a sense of calm as you start your day… taking a moment to apply a simple technique… and feeling your anxiety diminish, allowing you to enjoy your life more fully each day?

This is how I live every day. And how many of my program participants do too.

That’s not just a hope—it’s a reality many have achieved through our program.


Now, when folks apply the techniques but don’t see the reduction in anxiety they hoped for, it usually boils down to these 2 things:

  • They haven’t fully embraced the mindset shift: First, they need to truly believe in their ability to control their anxiety, not just manage symptoms. Many try to find a quick fix when what they really need is a sustainable approach to reducing anxiety. It’s easy to say “If I could show you a way to reduce your anxiety, would you be open to trying it?” because what you’re really offering is a path to freedom from anxiety. Our participants learn the art of transforming their mindset and approach to anxiety, which is invaluable.

The other thing is…

  • They don’t follow the structured path: Many people try too many things at once or the wrong things. They might read various articles online, attempt to combine different methods, then wonder why they don’t see a significant change. We address this issue with a clear, step-by-step plan that our participants follow. This roadmap is available to them anytime, guiding them through every stage of overcoming anxiety. New participants tell me… it’s UNLIKE ANYTHING they’ve experienced because everything is laid out so clearly. No aspect is overlooked, leaving no room for doubt. Like Catherine who said…

Catherine’s Testimonial 

Apply the “Stop Crippling Anxiety” program techniques and the change will be profound.  Guaranteed.

In the “Stop Crippling Anxiety” program, you’ll be equipped with life-changing strategies and given the roadmap to achieve a significant reduction in your anxiety within the next 8 weeks… even if you’re just beginning your journey.


Now, I dedicate much of my time to working with individuals who are deeply committed to transforming their lives. Many express that the investment in the program is invaluable because of the peace and control they regain over their lives.


I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to offer the program at its current price.


So, I would be thrilled if you could join us 🙂


I’ve spent years refining these techniques so you don’t have to. I’m committed to saving you from the prolonged struggle by sharing all of my knowledge, methods, and insights gained over years of practicing and teaching hypnotherapy.

The Investment: (and money back guarantee)

If all this program did was help you regain control over your anxiety, wouldn’t that be worth it?

For those committed to change, seeing a significant reduction in anxiety in just 8 weeks isn’t just a possibility—it’s expected.

Considering the profound impact on your quality of life, the ability to live more freely is priceless.

I understand the value of this transformation because I’ve witnessed it time and time again.

So, I want to make this accessible to everyone.

The cost of the program (right now) is $1500. (No you don’t have to pay it all at once)

 That isn’t going to stay that way. I am only taking 10 more people at this price.


What about that money back guarantee?

So here’s the deal- I know I can change your life. If you spend that time with me, do everything you are supposed to in the program, and you don’t experience a drastic improvement I will do one of two things:


  1. Give you a full refund
  2. Work with you another 8 weeks- no additional charge.

So here’s your choice- you can have $1500 or you can have your anxiety.

I have no problem giving money back to a person who followed the program and feels the same.

So there is zero risk. 

I will trade you your anxiety for $1500 bucks.


Of course, I have never had to refund anyone’s money after they worked with me. 🙂


If I helped eliminate your anxiety, could I sell it back to you for $1500?  $5000?  $10,000?


You couldn’t pay me to take my old anxiety back for any amount.


If you’re not sure this is the right step for you, it’s okay to wait. However, keep in mind that the opportunity to join at this rate is limited, and prices may increase for future groups.

Athena’s Testimonial: (Click to watch)


Ready to embark on your journey to overcoming anxiety with the “Stop Crippling Anxiety” program?

Simply send me a message (Click here) with the phrase “READY” and I’ll guide you through the next steps.

Have a question or two? Don’t hesitate to ask in your message, and I’ll provide you with all the information you need.

I’m excited to support you in achieving a life with significantly reduced anxiety.


If you’re the kind of person who appreciates detailed information, that’s completely fine. I’ve compiled everything you need to know below:


>>>What You Get, Who It’s For, Who’s In It<<<

>>>FAQs & Success Stories<<<


I believe that investing in the “Stop Crippling Anxiety” program is a decision that will bring you immense value, much like investing in education but with the aim of enhancing your quality of life directly and swiftly.

If you’re still on the fence about whether this is the right choice for you, it’s okay to take your time. However, please be aware that I periodically adjust the program’s pricing, especially after welcoming an initial group.

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