Embrace Inner Peace: Discover the ‘Recover from Trauma and Anxiety’ Membership for Powerful and Affordable Hypnotherapy!

Don't let Trauma and Anxiety control
your life any longer.

The “Recover from Trauma and Anxiety” Monthly Membership is an AFFORDABLE and POWERFUL hypnotherapy program that will help you overcome your anxiety, heal from trauma, and live a happier, more peaceful life. You will be  guided  on a journey of relaxation and self-discovery, helping you to let go of your anxiety and find inner peace with a supportive community of like minded people, hypnotherapists, and coaches, to help you along the way. And all for just $7/month!

Why Hypnotherapy?

You Can find a calm feeling in the middle of any storm life sends your way!

If you are feeling “stuck” because of trauma, anxiety, sadness, bad habits, or unhealthy and toxic relationships or just “negative thinking” and ruminating thoughts, I can help you clear up the past, and create a new future for yourself!  Hypnotherapy is safe, rapid, and easy.  Hypnotherapy is often the “last resort,” because it is the one that works!

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Years Experience

My new Home Hypnotherapy Course, The “Recover from Trauma and Anxiety” Monthly Membership  is designed to help you feel calm and focused even in the midst of anxiety producing situations.

Not only will you get the tips and tricks for instantly cutting off anxiety and worry, you will also a series of Hypnotherapy  meditations tailor made  to help make the deep changes you need to make!


Not only did I used to have crippling panic attacks multiple times a day that Hypnotherapy helped me overcome, since becoming a hypnotist I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people feel better and take control of their lives… imagine never being overcome by panic and worry again!!!

My Anxiety Story

I know all too well how paralyzing anxiety can be. I used to wake up at 4 AM in a cold sweat and have a panic attack and it happened again at 2 PM every day. I just sat there and melted down. Now I have a anxiety about once every 3 months (and usually for a good reason, not randomly like it used to be) and I never ever have panic attacks anymore ever. I love my life so much and everything is in the right place with my work, my relationships and my life in general. I know… I REALLY KNOW that no matter what happens in my life I will handle it and feel good about it. All of this because of Hypnotherapy . It not only gave me my life back, I am living it to the fullest way that I can enjoying every experience, overcoming every obstacle and living the way I know I need to!!!

Anxiety and Worry can Paralyze You...

I had a client who was stuck in her house for years… she could go to work and that was it. And she worked for her brother watching the kids so it was still family. After our sessions were done she could drive again, had a new job and got into a new relationship. She overcame fear, worry, and anxiety and had a new life!.

Our Value

Even If You’ve never experienced Hypnotherapy before

Feeling calm and focused is the name of the game in Hypnotherapy. And that’s true whether you’re at home at work or out on the town and you want to:

  • let go of fear, panic and worry
  • that overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety
  • feel calmer and more relaxed
  • let go of fear and worry

you know what’s funny? How easy it is to change your mindset and feelings once you REALLY learn how


Seeing the problem from the "outside" rather than from the "inside" will get you to better solutions and greater results!

A New Direction

Hypnotherapy causes a series of small but significant changes that allows you to go in a whole new direction! When traveling, a change of merely two degrees seems small at first but very shortly you find yourself in a much better place than you had ever thought you could be!

Putting it All Together

As I tell my very successful clients, "YOU are doing the work!!" You already have everything you need in your unconscious mind to find the solution to the problem. I help you unlock those resources and put the pieces together.

By now you might be wondering …

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Joshua Wagner: Certified Hypnotist.

Over the past 15 years I have been helping people overcome their fears and reach their potential. Learning hypnosis has given me an even better ability to help people naturally and rapidly overcome anxiety, fear, worry and panic as well as realize their potential! It isn’t just healing it is helpful!

At this point, I can imagine what some of you might be thinking …

Hypnotherapy won’t work for me because "I can't be hypnotized"

I get that. A lot of people don’t have a deep understanding of what hypnotherapy is. The truth is that it is a natural process that you are engaged in every day. If you can watch a movie or a football game or imagine a book as you read it, then you have already been hypnotized. Any time you focus on something you are using that same process.

I don’t care who you are or what your background is, my Home Hypnotherapy Course will make you better at dealing with life calming, coolly, capably, and contentedly.

It’s that simple.

Hypnotherapy is simply focusing in and being relaxed at the same time. It is a learning state where you have an internal experience SO real the brain THINKS it is real. This changes your mind and your perspective on things. Events that used to bring fear or anxiety can be looked at through a different lens with hypnosis and you will find that you can see and experience them differently

But what if you’re not concerned about merely overcoming fear, anxiety, and worry??

Instead, maybe you’re not sure the Home Hypnotherapy Course will actually be useful to you, because you’re thinking …

You can be hypnotized if:

My new Home Hypnotherapy Course, “Anxiety Stopper”, Home Hypnotherapy Course, is designed to help you feel calm and focused even in the midst of anxiety producing situations.

Not only will you get the tips and tricks for instantly cutting off anxiety and worry, you will also get a GROUP HYPNOTHERAPY  Session to help make the deep changes you need to make!

Not only did I used to have crippling panic attacks multiple times a day that Hypnotherapy helped me overcome, since becoming a hypnotist I have helped hundreds and hundreds of people feel better and take control of their lives… imagine never being overcome by panic and worry again!!!

Hear from Satisfied Clients!

What Hypnotherapy Can Help With:

Getting You "Unstuck"

Heal Traumatic Memories that Are Having a Negative Effect in Your Life
Anxiety and Sadness
Let go of Anxiety and Sadness and Start to Feel Calmer and Happier!
Negative Thinking
Stop Automatic Negative Thoughts and Catastrophizing, Now!
Breaking Old Habits
Got a Bad Habit You Would Like to Stop? Hypnotherapy is Great at This!
Healing from Breakups
Whether it is the ending of a marriage or a long term Relationship, Breakups are hard.
Make Improvements!
Have a Skill but Want it to Be Better? Hypnotherapy Can Improve Skills!

What They Say About Us

Some of my satisfied customers!
(Real testimonials… but the pictures were changed!)

How it works

Easy steps to get awesome service

Enroll in the Membership

Let's see if you and I are a great fit! You can also try Hypnotherapy and see if it is something you think will work for you!


Listen to the Hypnotherapy Tracks

Each week you will get a Hypnotherapy track as well as tips and methods to overcome anxiety and heal from trauma easily and naturally.


Book a Session

If you need more than the course offers, you also get a 33% discount on all private sessions with me.


I have been feeling this way my whole life and I don't think Hypnotherapy can actually help me!

I hear this a lot… I have felt this way for years, can things really change this fast? The answer is YES! One client recently told me that we accomplished more in 4 Hypnotherapy sessions than in 20 years of her going to talk therapy. It was amazing how fast things changed.

Anxiety is based on what you focus on. Focus on something bad and you will feel bad. Focus on something that is dangerous (in real life or whatever is dangerous to the mind) and you will feel fear, anxiety and worry. Most people just let their thoughts automatically come and go. When we do that, our brain looks for what is bad and dangerous by default and we feel anxious all the time.

 In this process I will teach you how to refocus your thoughts so that you stop feeling anxious and start feeling focused, present, capable, and mindful.

So, let me tell you more about what you’ll get with the "Recover from Trauma and Anxiety" Monthly Membership

Why choose us

Focusing on you, with the best care.


All conversations are confidential.


Most people are seeing profound results within 2-3 sessions


One-on-one clients have direct access to me, Joshua Wagner, via email and text messaging.

So, let me reveal just some of what you’ll find an understanding and a knowing in the
The "Recover from Trauma and Anxiety" Monthly Membership:

  • you will finally figure out WHY you are feeling anxious all the time

  • you will have tools and techniques to instantly shift your mindset whenever you notice anxiety and worry starting

  • you will get the deep Hypnotherapy work that you need to make a permanent shift and automatically handle life more effectively.


  • understanding how to deal with your anxiety and worry and create a path to an excellent life

  • creation of a mindset that opens the way for you to create the life that you have always wanted

  • the ability to take control of your thinking, feelings, and sensations in your body

  • direct access to me so you can get the tools you need to get done what you need to do

  • the ESSENTIAL tools to make a shift in the mindset that you want

  • understanding the physiology of anxiety and worry

  • the ability to stop panic attacks in their tracks

  • changing the way you see your past, so that you can live in the present, to create the future you want

And much, much more!

A healthier choice for a healthier you.

Traditional talk therapy can take years.  To quote Dr. David Spiegal, Clinical Psychiatrist and Researcher at Sanford University, “I can get more out of three sessions of hypnosis than a whole year of psycho-analysis”

Download "5 Ways to Heal from Career Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"