Recover from Trauma and Anxiety Group Mentoring Program

When you join the Recover from Trauma and Anxiety Group Mentoring Program you get:

  • Three private sessions with Joshua Wagner anytime throughout the year (Zoom)
  • Membership in the Recover From Trauma and Anxiety group mentoring program for one year
  • Attendance at the weekly group mentoring call (Zoom) and hypnosis session (Starting November 2022)
    • Tuesdays at 1:30 PM EST 
    • OR Thursday evenings at 7:30 EST
    • (You can attend either or both)
  • Lifetime Membership in a private Facebook community (where we offer support to each other)
  • Direct Access to Joshua Wagner (via text and email)
  • Recordings of all the sessions
  • Access to all live events by Inspiring Hypnosis or Joshua Wagner
  • A year’s access to the Inner Circle (Hypnosis library, eBook library, podcasts, workshops, courses) and Tuesday 8:30 PM EST weekly sessions (Zoom))
  • 75% off any additional private sessions as they are needed

Weekly Group Mentoring and Hypnosis Session Topics:

  1. Understand Trauma and Reduce Anxiety
    1. Feel Safe – Self Hypnosis for Anxiety
    2. Rise above bad experiences
    3. Overcome Abuse
    4. Bear Betrayal
    5. Know when to Walk away
  • Change Bad Memories
    1. Understand memory
    2. Feel differently about the past
    3. Change memories 
    4. Change feelings
    5. Rewrite your story
    6. Befriend your Monsters
  • Stop Overthinking
    1. Understand Anxiety
    2. Disarm Doubt
    3. Wash away worry
    4. Forget Fear
  • Discover your worth and value
    1. Relieve shame
      1. Abandonment 
      2. Abuse
    2. Get rid of guilt
    3. Understand your value
    4. Accept better
  • Change Habits
    1. Recognize patterns
    2. Avoid Avoidance
    3. Stop Addiction
    4. Integrate bad experiences
    5. Incorporate and Develop a new way
  • Build Relationships
    1. Create connection
    2. Build trust
    3. Be Patient with Yourself
    4. Feel safe
    5. Build your future