Recover from Trauma and Anxiety Group Mentoring Program

When you join the Recover from Trauma and Anxiety Group Mentoring Program you get:

  • Three private sessions with Joshua Wagner anytime throughout the year (Zoom)
  • Membership in the Recover From Trauma and Anxiety group mentoring program for one year
  • Attendance at the weekly group mentoring call (Zoom) and hypnosis session (Starting November 2022)
    • Tuesdays at 1:30 PM EST 
    • OR Thursday evenings at 7:30 EST
    • (You can attend either or both)
  • Lifetime Membership in a private Facebook community (where we offer support to each other)
  • Direct Access to Joshua Wagner (via text and email)
  • Recordings of all the sessions
  • Access to all live events by Inspiring Hypnosis or Joshua Wagner
  • A year’s access to the Inner Circle (Hypnosis library, eBook library, podcasts, workshops, courses) and Tuesday 8:30 PM EST weekly sessions (Zoom))
  • 75% off any additional private sessions as they are needed

Weekly Group Mentoring and Hypnosis Session Topics:

  1. Understand Trauma and Reduce Anxiety
    1. Feel Safe – Self Hypnosis for Anxiety
    2. Rise above bad experiences
    3. Overcome Abuse
    4. Bear Betrayal
    5. Know when to Walk away
  • Change Bad Memories
    1. Understand memory
    2. Feel differently about the past
    3. Change memories 
    4. Change feelings
    5. Rewrite your story
    6. Befriend your Monsters
  • Stop Overthinking
    1. Understand Anxiety
    2. Disarm Doubt
    3. Wash away worry
    4. Forget Fear
  • Discover your worth and value
    1. Relieve shame
      1. Abandonment 
      2. Abuse
    2. Get rid of guilt
    3. Understand your value
    4. Accept better
  • Change Habits
    1. Recognize patterns
    2. Avoid Avoidance
    3. Stop Addiction
    4. Integrate bad experiences
    5. Incorporate and Develop a new way
  • Build Relationships
    1. Create connection
    2. Build trust
    3. Be Patient with Yourself
    4. Feel safe
    5. Build your future
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Career Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"