The Burnout Relief Collection

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By Joshua Wagner: Certified Hypnotherapist

Take Care of Yourself

I am Joshua Wagner and I have been involved in the non-profit world as a leader, board member, and executive director for over a decade. I made this “ Burnout Relief Collection” for your enjoyment. It contains and audio meditation you can listen to, a short ebook with some helpful hints and a mindfulness meditation you can do on your own.  If you burnout the organization suffers and you suffer. I understand it. I have been there.

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Here you go:

Guided Hypnosis Meditation

Embark on a journey of tranquility and healing with our ‘30-Minute Focus Boost for Non-Profit Leaders‘ guided meditation. This meticulously crafted audio experience is designed to gently guide you into a profound state of relaxation, easing away stress, anxiety, and the worries of daily life.

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Ebook: 5 Ways to Prevent Non-Profit Burnout

Discover transformative strategies in our eBook, ‘5 Steps to Stop Crippling Anxiety,’ designed to empower you in overcoming your daily challenges. Learn practical techniques and insights that guide you through recognizing triggers, and feeling calm.

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Mindfulness Meditation:

Past, Present, and future

This mindfulness meditation is a quick and easy way to get your focus back and to feel a sense of grounded presence

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Download "5 Ways to Heal from Career Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"