The Secrets of Hypnosis Mastery Course
Start a new career in Hypnosis
The Next Hypnosis Mastery Course begins Mondays Starting April 3rd, 2023, 7:30-9:30 EST

The Secrets of Self Hypnosis is anintensive program that will teach you how to hypnotize and help people with hypnosis.  It will also teach you how to find and book clients and run a successful hypnosis business online or in person.

The Boot camp will run Monday evenings starting April 3rd, 7:30-9:30 EST on Zoom.  You will be able to help people find answers to deep questions, break bad habits and start new ones, and deal with trauma and bad memories.  

You will receive a certificate of completion and certification at the end of the boot camp. All sessions are on Zoom.


Classes will Cover:

Week 1: April 3rd 7:30-9:30

  • Module 1: What Hypnosis Is — Self-Hypnosis Basics — two inductions and revivification (You will be able to do a basic hypnosis session with someone)
  • Module 2: Hypnosis Session Basics (interview, pre-talk, inductions protocols, awakening) (Calibration, Compliance, Intention, Confidence) Association/Dissociation, pacing and leading.
  • Module 3: Listening to Your unconscious mind – Searching your unconscious mind for information and answers

Week 2: April 10th 7:30-9:30

  • Module 4: Generative Hypnosis (Creating New Habits and Responses and Removing Bad Habits and Bad Reactions)
  • Module 5: Dealing with Traumatic Memories and De-traumatizing

Week 3: April 17th 7:30-9:30

  • Module 6: The Elman Induction and conclusion of formal Hypnosis
  • Module 7: Conversational Hypnosis (Ericksonian Method): Inductions, Embedded Commands, NUVI and Hinge Sentences
  • Module 8: Conversational Hypnosis (Ericksonian Method): Power Words and Nested Loops

Week4: April 24th 7:30-9:30

  • Module 9: Conversational Hypnosis (Ericksonian Method) Creating Change: Pattern Interrupts, installing change programs, long term success 
  • Module 10: Conversational Hypnosis (Jansen Method)

Week 5: May 1st 7:30-9:30

  • Module 11: The Loefke Method
  • Disarming Beliefs
  • Creating new beliefs

Week 6th: April 10th 7:30-9:30

  • Module 12: The simple way to run an online hypnosis business
  • Liabilities, waivers, and insurance
  • Simple technical setup
  • Where to find paying clients and how much to charge

Who is Joshua Wagner

Screenshot 2022-01-31 2.59.50 PM

Joshua Wagner is a certified hypnotist through the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy at the University of Toronto.  Joshua has been been a nationally known motivational speaker and has worked with people one-on-one for almost 20 years.  He has advanced degrees in philosophy, classical languages, literature, and spirituality.

Download "5 Ways to Heal from Career Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"
Download "5 Ways to Heal from Betrayal"